The costly mistake made by new freelancers.

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In August of 2020, I launched my freelance writing business with a cold pitching campaign. I sent around 378 pitches to potential clients. But only got like 12 replies. And out of those 12, five had been interested in my services. I almost got a deal with one of them…

Key lessons from 100+ viral articles

A screenshot of the feedback on two viral articles.
Those claps are certainly not for my articles (Source: Author via Canva)

Michael Thompson only needed one viral article to launch his writing career. And indirectly, pay his mortgage for 23 months.

One viral article was all it took. But don’t get it twisted. You could spend long months or years before scoring any viral article. …

Your readers’ lives could be on the line

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I pray to warn as many writers as I can with this article and save as many readers’ lives as possible.

If you think I’m being overdramatic, perhaps you’re too quick to judge. While reading Dr. …

Key lessons from Joe Karbo’s million-dollar ad.

A stack of newspapers.
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“There are some people who spend their entire career creating hundreds of ads, and then there is Joe Karbo.”

According to legendary copywriter Joe Sugarman, Karbo wrote only a few ads. And he wrote this one right off the top of his head, taking him only two hours:

“For example…

It’s not about writing: It’s about the story

An open novel in a black space.
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You can get all the technical aspects of writing your novel right. You can get the plot right, the world, the political climate, and write the characters well. But if you don’t get the story right, all that does not matter much.

If your novel’s story isn’t worth telling, you’re…

So simple to understand, so difficult to apply.

Two pens on a black surface.
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What gets you to read something? Whatever; a book, an article, a short story.

Usually, the writing is good enough. But how?

In a near-perfect writing piece, the first line compels you to read the second line. The second line then compels you to read the third line, the third…

The heavy cost of being civilized.

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While passing by a grocery store, I often see drivers blowing their horns to bring the clerk to serve them. And often, there is more than one person in the car. If you ask me: There is no excuse, step out of your vehicle and burn some calories.

The grocery…

The psychological weapon behind good persuasion.

A man on his laptop, working hard to advance his freelance writing career.
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Welcome to the 10th edition of The Essence!

You can have a slick website, years of writing experience, and the best strategy. But without social proof, you’re still a nobody.

Companies and editors of reputable publications don’t like to work with nobodies. …

The formula that secured me a top writer status

A top writer email from Medium.
Source: Author

Last month was my best month on Medium. This month would be my new best month on Medium.

Many factors attributed to the incredible increase in my followers, earnings, and engagement over the last 60 days. …

This piece may improve your writing forever.

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Almost two years ago, I came across the AIDA copywriting formula while reading Gary Halbert’s The Boron Letters. In a short video, copywriter Neville Medhora explained what each letter meant and how to apply the formula:

  1. Attention: Get their attention with something catchy and relevant.
  2. Interest: Tell them interesting facts…

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