A man on his laptop, working at night.
A man on his laptop, working at night.
Photo by Clint Patterson on Unsplash

In August of 2020, I launched my freelance writing business with a cold pitching campaign. I sent around 378 pitches to potential clients. But only got like 12 replies. And out of those 12, five had been interested in my services. I almost got a deal with one of them. But things went sideways.

The massive cold pitching campaign was a massive failure.

Looking back, the main ingredient those emails lacked was social proof. And social proof or credibility, according to Writers in Charge’s CEO Bamidele, is the most important asset you can have as a freelance writer.

After my…

A screenshot of the feedback on two viral articles.
A screenshot of the feedback on two viral articles.
Those claps are certainly not for my articles (Source: Author via Canva)

Michael Thompson only needed one viral article to launch his writing career. And indirectly, pay his mortgage for 23 months.

One viral article was all it took. But don’t get it twisted. You could spend long months or years before scoring any viral article. But that one article could change everything.

You never know what article you write will go viral. But you can do your best to increase your articles’ virality.

Image by rawpixel.com via Freepik

I pray to warn as many writers as I can with this article and save as many readers’ lives as possible.

If you think I’m being overdramatic, perhaps you’re too quick to judge. While reading Dr. Robert Cialdini’s Influence, I came across a story that shocked me and changed the way I see writing ever since.

It’s the story of a German author named Johann von Goethe and his deadly novel, The Sorrows of Young Werther. After its publication in 1774, the novel took off and rose the young lawyer to fame. …

A somewhat lazy person on his laptop.
A somewhat lazy person on his laptop.
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While passing by a grocery store, I often see drivers blowing their horns to bring the clerk to serve them. And often, there is more than one person in the car. If you ask me: There is no excuse, step out of your vehicle and burn some calories.

The grocery store is only a few feet away. But some people are so lazy they don’t even want to take this short walk. Such scenes are quite common where I live. It may not seem like a big deal. But it signals a worldwide phenomenon we’re suffering from. …

A top writer email from Medium.
A top writer email from Medium.
Source: Author

Last month was my best month on Medium. This month would be my new best month on Medium.

Many factors attributed to the incredible increase in my followers, earnings, and engagement over the last 60 days. But one of the main factors is the formula I discovered a few months ago.

This formula won’t only help you to get published in Medium’s top publications. It can also help you get featured in large media sites like Forbes and Business Insider. Aaron Orendorff used it to grow his freelance business from nothing to six figures in a year and a half:

Four sulfur sticks and one burned out.
Four sulfur sticks and one burned out.
Photo by JJ Jordan on Unsplash

Burnout can turn your life upside down. I’ve experienced that first-hand.

American researcher, Herbert Freudenberg, observed that the burned-out worker looks, acts, and feels depressed.

I was exactly that. I had always been enthusiastic about working out, eating well, and living healthier. But when I was burned out, I couldn’t care much. I couldn’t care much about my work too, relationships, and everything else. I was also losing my writing passion and losing my mind along with it. I was getting more distant from my interests.

If you’re feeling somewhat similar, follow this guide to save yourself from burnout before…

A writer using a yellow typewriter.
A writer using a yellow typewriter.
Photo by Nayanika Mukherjee on Unsplash

When I discovered my passion for writing and storytelling, it was like a reborn.

I was studying chemical engineering — a field I barely had any interest in — and was dragging myself out of bed to school each day. I was dissatisfied. I felt like I was missing something, all the time.

Many months later, I discovered what it was.

After following writing and storytelling YouTube channels for a while, I decided to write a novel myself.

After 30 days of trying this new unexpected interest, I was already writing the 5th or 6th chapter of my first novel…

A laptop illustration with a small rocket brusting from its screen.
A laptop illustration with a small rocket brusting from its screen.

Welcome to the second edition of The Essence!

For this edition, I’m bringing you valuable lessons that you can use to grow your email list from top writer Sinem Günel. And six lessons that writer Eve Arnold learned from her article that got +132,000 views in a week!

7 to-Do’s with Your Email List

Sinem managed to grow her email list, which she started along with Philip in March of 2020, to over 10,000 subscribers in less than ten months.

“We started at zero, didn’t spend a penny on paid ads, and didn’t have any experience in email marketing.”

That should be a lesson to those…

A writer on his laptop, hustling.
A writer on his laptop, hustling.
Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

This article won’t likely attract many writers. Not because of my style, the piece’s quality, or because Medium doesn’t like to promote meta-articles. But because many writers here may not like to hear this tough truth.

Had I showed how much I made with my stories, I’m confident it would have attracted many more dreamy eyeballs.

But truth be told, it wouldn’t have probably attracted many writers too. No, I haven’t made thousands from Medium. This is not a Medium success story. It’s more like a Medium failure story.

We need more of those to get the whole picture. Most…

The stats page of my recent semi-viral article.
The stats page of my recent semi-viral article.
Screenshot by the Author

I joined this platform almost a year ago to test how it can help me as a new writer.

One of the most crucial questions was could I earn a living writing here? I realized I must produce viral hits consistently to do that. At the very least, one viral article a month.

Every piece I published carried with it many of my hopes and aspirations. I waited for my viral article… and waited… and waited… and was disappointed.

I didn’t have one viral article, only two semi-viral ones. …

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